Independent Laboratory Servicing

Customer Service

Customised Contracts

Special contract packages are available; these can be tailored to a customer's specific needs.

Group Contracts

We currently hold a large number of group contracts; these are tailored to suit each of the individual departments or sites within the group. They are subject to a substantial discount.

Service without a Contract

Meadowrose Scientific understands that not all customers are able or want to take out service contracts. We therefore provide preventative maintenance or breakdown cover at competitive rates for such clients. Calibration/Validation services are also available without a contract.


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Meadowrose Scientific offers a range of service agreements designed to suit an array of budgets and requirements.

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A1 Contract: Preventative Maintenance Only (PM)

This basic service agreement includes one pre-scheduled preventive maintenance visit per annum. The cost is inclusive of all travel and labour expenses. Under this contract, in the instance of emergency breakdown visits there is no call out charge, and labour and travel are charged at a reduced rate. Most spare parts are chargeable under this contract.

B1 Contract: Preventative Maintenance + Breakdown Labour

This agreement includes one pre-scheduled preventative maintenance visit per annum. It includes all labour and travel costs, and all such costs for unlimited emergency call outs. Most spare parts are chargeable under this contract.

C1 Contract: Preventative Maintenance + Labour + Parts

This is a fully comprehensive maintenance agreement. It comprises one pre scheduled preventive maintenance visit per annum, which is inclusive of all labour and travel costs for unlimited emergency call out. With the exception of consumables, the cost of all parts fitted is also included in this agreement.

Z1 Contract: Calibration / Qualification

Available on its own or supplementary to any of the above contract types, this agreement includes calibration and certification of instruments' performance against known traceable standards.

V1 Contract: Validation

Available on its own or supplementary to A1, B1, or C1 contract types, this agreement provides a certificate of validation of performance traceable to national standards.

Additional Visits

All of above contract options can be upgraded to 2, 3 or more preventative maintenance visits per annum dependent upon customer requirements.